The Giara Park

A unique place in the world

The Giara Park

The Giara Park, also known as Giara di Gesturi, is a magical place with an incredible amount of biodiversity. Certainly, most famous for the Giara horse, one of the few species still living in the wild in the world. Before the guided walk to the Giara Park, we suggest a visit to PARC to discover the geological details of the plateau, followed by a visit to the Civic Museum of the Giara Horse.

Information about the Giara plateau

The name Giara, Sa Jara, probably comes from the Latin glarea (gravel), referring to the widespread stoniness that characterizes the surface of the plateau. The Pliocene basalt Giara plateau (500-600 m a.s.l.) surrounded by 11 municipalities, covers about 45 km² of territory. Steep crags of dark lava rock, from which roaring waterfalls sometimes cascade, surround this vast plateau, whose surprisingly flat top is embellished by the striking water features of the paulis (Pauli Tramatzu, Pauli Maiori, etc.) with their splendid, whitish spring blooms of water buttercups. The steep slopes of the Giara, lush with verdant forests and Mediterranean scrub, are molded in the soft marly marine sediments of the Miocene, in places incised by steep seasonal water channels. On these slopes, frequent springs (funtanas or mitzas) often originate from the infiltration of rainwater along the latticework of diaclasis across the summit basaltic rock. Due to its remarkable landscape-naturalistic values, the Giara Plateau has been included among the nine natural parks provided for by Regional Law No. 31 of 1989

Video on volcanism and formation of the Giara Park

Giara Park guided tours

Tours run year-round and last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. With prior reservation, it is also possible to visit the archaeological site of Bruncu Seurgiu and Corona Arrubia.

Detail on the cost of the Giara Park walk

The walk to the Giara Park lasts about 2 hours, can be done by Giunone Soc Coop vehicles and starts with a minimum group of 8 people for a cost of €10.5 each.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, by reservation, it is possible to take the Giara tour every day of the year.

Excursion and travel take at least two hours.

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