Museum Team

Juno Soc Coop

Museum managing body

Specialized in museum management and education in business since 2006

Juno Soc. Coop. Has made his passions into a job. We specialize in museum management, event organization and especially in the creation of educational workshops, designed according to dynamic and creative criteria.
In the field of tourism, we deal with the design and management of itineraries and routes, including with gps. Text editing and guides. Web portal management and communication.

Working with Juno Soc Coop is a select team of paleontologists, archaeologists, restorers, environmental guides, hiking guides, bicycle tour guides


The 2023 numbers

Workshops per year
Years of experience
Summer camp participants

PARC museum team

Scientific director | Instructional services

Archaeologist | Educational Services

Administrative Officer | Instructional Services

Planning | Instructional Services

Janitor | Maintainer

Facility safety engineer in charge

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