Online educational games for children

Online games about fossils, geology and paleontology

Educational games for children online

A series of educational games for different ages and grade levels

The PARC museum’s online games section, complementary to the educational workshops, was created during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. At this time, schools are closed and children at home. This section of the museum website is intended as an aid for families and teachers with educational games and activities on paleontology, archaeology, and the environment.

How online games work

The games are in order of difficulty, with the simpler games at the top and the more complex ones at the bottom. Click on the middle button to start playing. To finish click on the 3 bars at the bottom left and the restart button. By clicking the four arrows that create a square in the lower right corner, you can zoom in and play full-screen.

For best play we suggest the use of a tablet or pc, on small screens it is preferable to rotate the stand and play full screen.

Once finished write your nickname on the leaderboard and in lock to the dinosaur 😉

Paleontology games

Catch the trilobite

Archaeology games

Archaeology word search

Hit the moles with bronzes

Online games about animals and science

Hit moles with the animals of Sardinia

Wheel of fortune with sea animals

Curiosities about animals

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