ArcheoLab - Archaeology Workshop

The workshop aims to uncover the technique used by Nuragic peoples to build bronze statues. The short theoretical part on Nuragic peoples is presented in the archaeological section of the P.AR.C.
Soon after, theory turns into practice. We move on to the large workshop where a copy of a figurine is created with suitable materials.

Activities of the archeology laboratory for schools

All educational activities in the workshop include a theoretical moment and a related practical activity.

The educational archaeology workshop begins in the archaeology section of PARC, where, children follow a short presentation on the archaeological area of Santu Antine with an in-depth look at the Nuragic well. Using a touch screen, it is possible to simulate a visit to the deepest nuragic well in Sardinia of more than 40m. Through visors it is possible to fly over the hill and see the ancient Nuragic, Punic, and later Roman settlement from above.


  • Archaeology lecture on the well and votive offerings
  • Scale of historical times
  • Games to momorize scientific terms
  • Creation of small plastic votive offerings that you can take home
  • Use of viewers to simulate a visit to the nuragic well of Santu Antine
  • Archaeological site visit

For the more athletic it is possible after a short walk, about 500m, to reach the top of the hill. In addition to seeing where the nuragic well is located and the Santu Antine nuraghe, there is a breathtaking view. The view sweeps up to reach the Gulf of Oristano on one side and the Gennargentu Mountains on the other.

Manual activity and simulation of archaeological excavation

In the museum’s spacious laboratory, hands-on activities take place. First the reconstruction of the well and the timeline, and then the reconstruction of the bronzes in plastic material. Instead, in the outdoor area it is possible to carry out the archaeological excavation simulation.

How to end the day

For the afternoon, immediately after a picnic lunch or agritourism lunch, we suggest a leisurely guided walk in the Giara Park in search of horses and to discover the park’s biodiversity.

How to book

Usually, during school trips an entire museum is dedicated to the activities of a single school. Since there are not many dates available we suggest booking well in advance for your school’s day.

Reservations are recorded both by e-mail and by telephone. In addition, you can always receive the updated school catalog with all proposals, costs and scheduled activities by sending your request via e-mail.

Summary of costs of educational activities

Half day

Morning or afternoon
8,5 about 3h
  • Includes educational workshop
  • or hike on the Giara

Full day

All day
12,5 About 7 to 8 hours
  • Includes educational workshop
  • Hike on the Giara
Best seller

Farmhouse Lunch

Child-friendly menu
12,5 all inclusive
  • Pasta|cotoletta|contorno|dessert
  • Water and coffee

Packed lunch

Quick and easy
7 all inclusive
  • Stuffed sandwich
  • Fruit and water


Frequently asked questions

Yes, by reservation, workshops can be held every day of the year.

Absolutely. However, we suggest workshops on recycling for younger children and workshops on paleontology and archaeology for older children.

Yes, souvenirs suitable for children can be purchased.

The educational workshop lasts about 2 hours, the farm lunch about 2 hours, and the walk about 2 hours as well. Usually schools arrive at 10 a.m. and end activities around 5 p.m.
Schedules are adapted to the needs of the school.

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