Families at the museum

Families at the museum

Proposed museum visits for families

Archaeological and Paleontological Museum and workshop

Families at the Museum is a proposal designed for families, it is a perfect itinerary to spend a morning or an afternoon together with your children making them have fun and learn at the same time

How a family day at the museum works

What children do

The appointment, with prior reservation, is at PARC. Once they meet the educators, the children begin their educational fossil workshop. The workshop includes a geological and paleontological explanation about Sardinia and the Genoni area, after which fossilization and the geological time scale are discussed. Once several games have been played to learn the concepts previously explained, the children are ready to simulate the work of the little paleontologist. The educational laboratory section of the museum is equipped with scientific equipment such as microscopes, microscalpels and computers. All of this is used safely and with the constant accompaniment of trained operators. In the case of a single family, the activities are all carried out together.

What parents do

The adults, while the children do the workshop, visit with museum guides, the Civic Museum of the Giara Horse and theformer monastery of the Observant Friars. The first part of the day ends with a visit to PARC and lunch all together. Lunch can be packed, at one of the picnic-friendly spots such as the former convent garden or under the olive trees at PARC. In case you prefer lunch seated comfortably in a dining room, reservations can be made at theCuaddus e Tellas Farmhouse. In the case of a single family, the activities are all carried out together.

In groups in the afternoon

In the afternoon, all together, you can end the trail with a walk to the Giara Park in search of wild horses and stretch your legs in the fresh air. The walk at Giara Park is guided and includes a route suitable for the needs of a family with children. The route is easy and in some cases it is possible to do it by car, or you reach the viewpoint and then continue on foot for routes starting from the distance of one kilometer up to 3 or 4 km. The route adapts to your needs and schedule, usually starting at 10 a.m. is ideal to complete the entire route in peace. Or, early afternoon to finish before closing time. The cost of the excursion includes transfer with our vans and is quoted according to the group. Ex: for a group of 8 people € 80.

Educational workshop

6 About 2 hours
  • Little paleontologist's workshop
Original idea

Birthday party at the museum

Educational workshop for children and activities for parents. Closing with cake cutting.

Ticket office

Full ticket price

  • Adults

Cumulative day ticket

  • Groups
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Cumulative 2 sites

  • Two museums or sites

Cumulative 2 sites

  • 2 museums and 1 site


Frequently asked questions

Yes, by reservation, workshops can be held every day of the year.

Yes, in that case the activities are all carried out together.

Absolutely. However, we suggest workshops on recycling for younger children and workshops on paleontology and archaeology for older children.

Yes, souvenirs suitable for children can be purchased.

The educational workshop lasts about 2 hours.

A visit to a museum about 45 minutes.

All sites about 6 hours plus lunch break

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