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Last update: May 20, 2018

Users’ privacy is important to Juno Soc Coop. We have developed this Privacy Policy to provide information about how we process and manage our users’ personal data, interaction with our customer service technicians, and visits to www.parcgenoni.it or other Juno Soc Coop Web sites.

“Personal data” is information about an identified or identifiable person.

Specific sections of this Privacy Policy:

  • Categories of Personal Data processed by Giunone Soc Coop
  • Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
  • Transfer of Personal Data
  • Cookies and similar technologies
  • Children
  • Updates to the Privacy Policy
  • Retention of Personal Data
  • Data controller and data protection officer
  • User Rights
  • Categories of Personal Data processed by Giunone Soc Coop

Personal data processed when creating a reservation on the parcgenoni.it website:

When creating a reservation, the user is asked to provide his or her e-mail address, first name, last name, telephone (mobile if possible), social security number, date of birth, gender, height, and home address. These data are needed to make the bike assignment, in case you do not need to rent a bike sex and height are not necessary.


(a) Juno Soc Coop processes the user’s e-mail address because the user communicates with the booking office via e-mail. The legal grounds for processing the user’s e-mail address for this purpose are based on Giunone Soc Coop’s legitimate interest in responding to the customer’s requests and needs.

(b) Giunone Soc Coop also processes the email address to send important information about products/services, such as important security information or material changes made to this Privacy Policy. The name provided is associated with your account profile and is displayed when you post comments or other materials on a Juno Soc Coop Web site. The legal reason for processing your email address and name for these purposes is Giunone Soc Coop’s legitimate interest in providing important security or other information regarding Giunone Soc Coop products/services or accounts or material changes made to this Privacy Policy.

(c) If you provide explicit consent to receive marketing information from Giunone Soc Coop, Giunone Soc Coop will also process your email address to send you marketing information related to Giunone Soc Coop products/services. The legal reason for processing the user’s e-mail address for this purpose is the consent provided by the user. You can revoke your consent at any time by changing your preferences via e-mail by writing to coopgiunone@yahoo.it or via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the body of our marketing e-mails. The marketing emails you receive from Juno Soc Coop are based on the preferences you provide in your registration, the local settings indicated by your IP (Internet Protocol) address, and the types of devices you use to register. The legal reason for processing this data for this purpose is Giunone Soc Coop’s legitimate interest in reducing the number of marketing emails sent to each customer by selecting which customers should receive a particular type of marketing email rather than sending all marketing emails to all customers who have consented to receive marketing emails.

Personal data that are processed when communicating with Juno Soc Coop:

When interacting with customer service representatives via e-mail, telephone, online, or in person, personal information may be collected, such as name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and contact preferences; as well as information about the Giunone Soc Coop products/services booked, such as related tour or rental information and purchase/booking dates. Event logs useful for diagnosing product/service performance problems may also be created, and information related to service or a service problem may be captured. To improve customer service, subject to applicable regulations, Juno Soc Coop may also record and replay conversations with customer service operators and analyze any feedback provided voluntarily through surveys submitted to the customer. With your consent, our customer service representatives can proceed to book a tour/rental in your place, if necessary, to help resolve the issue raised.


Giunone Soc Coop will use this information to provide customer service and support on products/services and to monitor their quality and type. The legal reason for processing this information for these purposes is Giunone Soc Coop’s legitimate interest in providing quality product support. The legal reason for accessing the account on the Juno Soc Coop site, if necessary, to help solve problems is the consent provided by the user, revocable at any time.

Categories of Recipients of Personal Data

Other service providers:

Giunone Soc Coop uses third-party cloud services, such as Mail-up, as an aid in sending e-mail. These services allow tracking of activity associated with e-mails, as if they were opened, as if the user had clicked on links contained within them, and purchases were made after clicking on these links. Juno Soc Coop uses this data to analyze the level of engagement with its emails. Giunone Soc Coop also uses third-party service providers to ship rented products/services.

Other disclosures:

Giunone Soc Coop may disclose personal information about the user to third parties: (a) If the user provides consent; (b) in accordance with a citation, legal order, court order, legal process or other legal obligation; (c) to apply Juno Soc Coop terms, conditions or criteria; or (d) if necessary, to implement available remedies or defend legal rights. Giunone Soc Coop may also transfer your personal data to an affiliated company or a third party also in the event of reorganizations, mergers, sales, joint ventures, conveyances, transfers or other dispositions, complete or partial, of business activities, without limitation, bankruptcy situations or similar proceedings, provided that the entity to which the data is transferred will not be allowed to process the personal data for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy without first providing prior notice and, if required by applicable law, obtaining your consent.

Transfer of Personal Data

Juno Soc Coop is a global company. In order to offer our products and services we may need to transfer your personal information to other companies, travel agencies, hotels and similar facilities in other countries as well. View partners Juno Soc Coop.

Personal data relating to persons residing in a country belonging to the European Economic Area or Switzerland are controlled by Juno Soc Coop and processed by Juno Soc Coop.

All transfers of Personal Information from Giunone Soc Coop companies in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or Switzerland or the United States are made in accordance with the Contractual Clauses.

The company Giunone Soc Coop is obligated to follow the privacy practices set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Cookies and similar technologies


To analyze how you and other visitors navigate Giunone Soc Coop’s Web sites and compile aggregate statistics about site usage and response rates, Giunone Soc Coop, with the help of third-party analytics service providers, collects certain information when you visit our site. This information includes IP address, geographic location of the device, browser type and language, date and time of the request, duration of the visit, views, and page elements (e.g., links) selected. Giunone Soc Coop may use cookies, pixel tags, Web beacons, clear GIFs, or other similar tools on Web sites or in e-mail messages to enable us to collect and analyze such information. Giunone Soc Coop uses this information to provide optimized content, evaluate the effectiveness of ads, identify and resolve issues, and improve the overall experience on its site. We may engage one or more third-party service providers to serve online advertisements on our own behalf. Providers may use a pixel tag or other similar technology to collect information about site visits and employ that information to send targeted ads. To obtain more information about this procedure and to deny consent to the collection and use of this information by the company’s third-party service providers, visit the page at Networkadvertising.org.

If the user does not wish information to be collected through the use of these technologies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows the user to automatically reject many of these technologies or to choose whether to reject or accept them.

If you reside in a country in the European Union or another jurisdiction that requires Giunone Soc Coop to obtain consent for the use of these cookies on the sites, you may manage your cookie preferences within those sites. However, some cookies are necessary to enable the basic functionality of the sites and you will not be able to choose to disable them.

The following are examples of analytics service providers and similar third-party services routinely used by Juno Soc Coop:


Google: Google Analytics is used to collect site statistics and demographic data, interests, and user behavior on Web sites. Giunone Soc Coop also uses Google Search Console to learn how visitors learn about the Web site and to improve search engine optimization. Find more information about how analytics information is used, how to control its use, and how to opt out of the data used by Google Analytics.

Semrush: This site uses Semrush Web analytics. Semrush helps us measure and evaluate website usage patterns, assess website health, evaluate local searches, backlink analysis, and social presence. For more information, read Semrush’s Privacy Policy(https://it.semrush.com/company/legal/privacy-policy/). You can deny your consent to Semrush’s tracking of how you use the site.

Social networking:

Social networks that provide interactive plug-ins or social networking features (e.g., to allow you to connect to Facebook or Google to search for friends to add as connections or to like a page) to Web sites may use cookies or other methods (e.g., Web beacons) to collect information related to the use of our Web sites and apps. The use of such information by third parties depends on the Privacy Policy available on that party’s social networking Web site, which please read carefully. These third parties may use these cookies or other tracking methods for their own purposes by correlating information about the use of our site and the Personal Information they hold. In addition, Giunone Soc Coop may obtain analytical information from social networks to evaluate the effectiveness of its content and ads on social networks.


The Giunone Soc Coop websites and apps are not intended for children under 16 years of age, who should therefore not provide personal information to Giunone Soc Coop. In the event that the company recognizes that it has collected personal information from users under the age of 16, it will take steps to delete such information as soon as possible.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to occasionally update this Privacy Policy with the addition of new products/services as improvements are made to our offerings and as technology and regulations evolve. To find out when the Privacy Policy was last modified, refer to the date listed under “Last Updated” at the top of the page. Any changes will take effect when the new version of the Privacy Policy is published.

If any material changes are made, we will send a notification to the user and, if required by current regulations, obtain consent. This notification will be communicated by e-mail or posted on the website of Juno Soc Coop.

Retention of Personal Data

We will retain the user’s personal information for as long as the user does not request deletion. In addition, under “User Rights” you will be able to see a description regarding the right to cancel.

Data controller and data protection officer

If you reside in a country belonging to the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, your personal data collected by Giunone Soc Coop is controlled by Giunone Soc Coop, located at Via Matteotti, 16 – 09054 Genoni SU. The data protection officer of Giunone Soc Coop resides at the same address and can be reached by e-mail at coopgiunone@yahoo.it.

User Rights

If you reside in the European Union, under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request from Giunone Soc Coop access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data, data portability, restriction of processing of your personal data, the right to object to the processing of your personal data, and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. If you reside outside the European Union, you may have similar rights under local laws.

To request access, rectification, portability or deletion of your personal information or to delete your Juno Soc Coop account, send an email to coopgiunone@yahoo.it
If you reside in the European Union and wish to exercise your right to restrict or object to the processing of your data, you should contact the European Data Protection Officer of Giunone Soc Coop are controlled by Giunone Soc Coop, located at Via Matteotti, 16 – 09054 Genoni SU. The European Data Protection Officer of Giunone Soc Coop resides at the same address and can be reached by e-mail at coopgiunone@yahoo.it.

If you do not reside in the European Union but, based on local laws, believe you have the right to restrict or object to the processing of your data, you may contact Giunone Soc Coop at coopgiunone@yahoo.it.

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