CartaCiclo - Educational workshop on recycling
Waste management is an agenda issue in every part of the world. It is absolutely essential to raise awareness of this situation among young people. Our workshop is a way to come in contact with recycling, its potential through play and creativity. Children and young people learn how paper can be recycled, how important it is to do so, and especially how simple it is. The workshop can be carried out in one day, but a more structured course of several meetings can also be organized, like the one carried out with the Laconi Comprehensive Institute – See the project That’s all we talk about now, recycling collection, recycling, energy conservation, etc etc. (Doing separate waste collection enables us to achieve important results, saving raw materials and consequently valuable resources. Limiting the amount of waste to landfill as much as possible and lowering disposal costs). How and why to do it can be learned through play. With the help of a variety of materials, we can create a pleasing discourse on why recycling is necessary. The trail is suitable for different age groups with different levels of difficulty.

CartaCiclo - Educational workshop on recycling

Educational workshops on recycling are suitable for both preschoolers and older children. Educators adapt the educational workshop to the age and background of the children. Once the paper is shredded and pulp is created, the children make real sheets of recycled paper. Once dry, the sheets become the cover for a booklet that children can take home. The recycling workshop focuses on team play. Children must sort as well as they can in order to meet the challenge! Chronoprogram
    • Explanation on the origin and recycling of paper
    • Making recycled paper flogli
    • Making the notebook
    • Differentiation games
    • Visit to the Civic Museum of the Giara Horse with “guess what it is?”
Objectives of the teaching activity  
  • Raising children’s awareness of environmental problems
  • Introducing students to autonomous waste management
  • Strengthening team spirit

How to end the day

For the afternoon, immediately after a picnic lunch or agritourism lunch, we suggest a leisurely guided walk in the Giara Park in search of horses and to discover the park’s biodiversity.

How to book

Usually, during school trips an entire museum is dedicated to the activities of a single school. Since there are not many dates available we suggest booking well in advance for your school’s day.

Reservations are recorded both by e-mail and by telephone. In addition, you can always receive the updated school catalog with all proposals, costs and scheduled activities by sending your request via e-mail.

Summary of costs of educational activities

Half day

Morning or afternoon
8,5 about 3h
  • Includes educational workshop
  • or hike on the Giara

Full day

All day
12,5 About 7 to 8 hours
  • Includes educational workshop
  • Hike on the Giara
Best seller

Farmhouse Lunch

Child-friendly menu
12,5 all inclusive
  • Pasta|cotoletta|contorno|dessert
  • Water and coffee

Packed lunch

Quick and easy
7 all inclusive
  • Stuffed sandwich
  • Fruit and water


Frequently asked questions

Yes, by reservation, workshops can be held every day of the year.

Absolutely. However, we suggest workshops on recycling for younger children and workshops on paleontology and archaeology for older children.

Yes, souvenirs suitable for children can be purchased.

The educational workshop lasts about 2 hours, the farm lunch about 2 hours, and the walk about 2 hours as well. Usually schools arrive at 10 a.m. and end activities around 5 p.m.
Schedules are adapted to the needs of the school.

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